Digital Humanities in Estonia A° 2016

Visual Digital Humanities: Representing and Interpreting Humanities Data
October 12-14, Estonian Literary Museum, Tartu, Estonia

With the development of digital technologies and communication channels, visuality and multimediality have become more and more important aspects of contemporary culture. The conference focuses on the use of visual methods and handling visual (or multimedial) source data in the different fields of humanities research.

The conference is the fourth in the series #DHEstonia and will take place on October 12-14 at the Estonian Literary Museum in Tartu, Estonia (Vanemuise 42). The conference includes keynote speeches by Raivo Kelomees (Estonian Academy of Arts) and Peter Grzybek (Graz University, Austria), four sessions with presentations, workshops by Moses Boudourides (University of Patras, Greece) and Peter Grzybek, and the meeting of Estonian Society for Digital Humanities. The conference is co-organized by the Estonian Society for Digital Humanities, the Estonian Literary Museum and the Centre of Excellence in Estonian Studies.

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