Workshop “Re-use of digital heritage”

Date: March 11, 12

Venue: Estonian Open Air Museum

The event will focus on open access and open data in heritage sector. Examples and case studies are presented by specialist from various institutions: Henri Laupmaa, Uuno Vallner (State Information Systems), Kuldar Aas (Estonian National Archive), Vahur Puik (Ajapaik), Michael Charno (Archeology Data Service, UK), Barbara Dierickx (Packed, Belgia), Laura Sillanpää (Open Knowledge Finland). The list is not final.

The second day will be for workshops, where several web applications will be presented. Barbara Dierickx from PACED, centre of expertise in digital heritage in Belgium, will present MOVIO and Cityquest applications. Vahur Puik from Estonia will introduce geo referencing tool, Ajapaik.

The first half of the day will be in Estonian, second half in English.

The event is supported by CIP ICT PSP Athena Plus project.

Hembo Pagi

+372 52 60214