VNS: Online exhibitions system

Andres Uueni

The basic concept of the online exhibitions system (VNS) is to compile and present catalogues of exhibitions and collections in order to display the contents of both digitized and born-digital collections in a single platform. The system offers the wider public access to the collections that have so far been of restricted access or existed only in digital form. The system mainly features data that already exists in the form of tables or databases, and after importing the data, the system helps to create a new virtual collection or exhibition. The first art exhibition on Modernism in Estonia was opened in 2006. Between 1 January and 31 December 2013, the VNS exhibitions were viewed by 23,849 unique visitors.

The main keywords of the online exhibitions system are: enabling access, adaptability, and support for different languages. The style sheet (.css) files can be converted to adapt to the requirements and nature of each exhibition. The virtual exhibition can be fine-tuned and adapted at every stage. Also, the exhibitions can be displayed in different languages, as the system supports the use of UTF-8 encoding and automatic adding of translations from data files. The system permits exporting data (ESE XML support, experience with portal) and offers a SaaS solution (software in the server of Conservation Centre Kanut), for which we also offer user support.