Center of Estonian Language Resources

Kadri Vider

The Center of Estonian Language Resources (CELR) is an infrastructure of the humanities, a network of online data repositories of different research institutions. The goal of CELR is to make digital resources of Estonian language and language technologies (language software, dictionaries, text and speech corpora, language databases) available mainly to researchers but also to everyone interested in Estonian language. In order to facilitate the use of existing digital archives, CELR offers convenient access to the different archives through the center and registered users can access the material on different levels. CELR offers language technology solutions as an online service that uses the archived data.

In addition to the collecting and archiving of the existing language resources and those created in the future, CELR will launch a system for informing and educating potential users in the language resources.

CELR represents Estonia in the EU language infrastructure CLARIN ERIC and also manages the Estonian subdivision of META-SHARE network of resource registers in the framework of META-NET.