Wed, Nov 1st (Estonian National Museum)

09:00 Bus from Dorpat Hotel to Estonian National Museum
09:25 Excursions at the Estonian National Museum
10:00 Registration, coffee
10:30 Opening
Signing of public domain manifest

10:40 Asaf Bartov Wikidata for Humanists: A Gentle Introduction to Wikimedia’s linked data project

11:30 Susan Schreibman Creating Collections of Social Relevance

12:20 Lunch

13:20 Parallel sessions:

Parallel session 1 Parallel session 2
Dolly Jørgensen
Knowing nature online
Leif Isaksen
Building a Community of Linked Open Data with the Pelagios Commons
Marija Semjonova
Conceptualizing the digital self at student’s educational platforms. An anthropological perspective
Andrew Gryf Paterson
Towards an autoarchaeological open archiving of hybrid cultural practice
Outi Valo
Finnish folk music collector Erkki Ala-Könni – Digital collection catalogues and possibilities of Digital Humanities
Mats Fridlund, Matti La Mela
Cloudy sightings of Chinese industrialization: GIS, Word clouds and the Finnish engineers’ views on Chinese technology in the late nineteenth century
Outi Penninkangas
Wikiproject – The Finnish Museum of Games
Susanna Ånäs
3 million old Finnish place names linked with Wiki technologies
Klara Sielicka
Ethno-wiki projects as an example how not to lose human component in digital humanities
Kasper Hanus
Share your landscape! A real-life story of how I struggled to put my research on past landscapes online

15:20 Coffee break
15:50 Parallel sessions:

Parallel session 3 Parallel session 4
DH roundtable with
Graeme Earl, Susan Schreibman, Indrek Ibrus, Andres Kimber, Liina Lindström
Krista Simson
Copyright Law and a Work of Visual Art
Aleksei Kelli
Copyright and cultural heritage

17:20 Break

17:30 Paul Reilly Contesting the Future: Potential Scenarios for Open Digital Archaeology

18:40 Bus from Estonian National Museum to Dorpat Hotel

19:30 Reception at the Estonian Literary Museum (Vanemuise 46)

Thu, Nov 2nd (Estonian National Museum)

08:45 Bus from Dorpat Hotel to Estonian National Museum
09:00 Morning coffee
09:30 Kai-Uwe Barthel New Methods of Image Search
10:20 Coffe break
10:50 Parallel sessions:

Parallel session 5 Parallel session 6
Eetu Mäkelä Less is more – enabling individual research based on big culture heritage data Gerth Jaanimäe, Liina Lindström, Kadri Muischnek, Maarja-Liisa Pilvik, Aigi Rahi-Tamm, Ainar Õunpuu, Kersti Lust, Tõnis Türna
Creating a corpus of communal court minute books: a challenge for digital humanities
Olga Gerassimenko, Neeme Kahusk
KORP tool and language research
Oleg Sobchuk, Peeter Tinits
Digital humanities meets film history: is there progress in films?
Maris Sander
Constructing Israeli apartheid discourse: a corpus linguistic analysis
Jane Klavan, Merli Kirsimäe, Aare Undo
Pitting automated part-of-speech tagging against manual tagging: a case study of Estonian Learner English data
Alexandra Milyakina, Maarja Ojamaa, Tatjana Pilipovec, Merit Rickberg, Liina Sieberk
Digital mapping of the “Old Barny”: between the history and fantasy
Eveline Wandl-Vogt, Amelie Dorn, Barbara Piringer, Yalemisew Abgaz, Katalin Lejtovicz
Making the invisible visible: exploring and exploiting person information as an access layer to heterogeneous data facilitating inclusive, gender-symmetric research
Marju Taukar, Arvi Tavast, Kristel Uiboaed
Freedom to take vs freedom to give: voluntary cooperation to solve copyright issues

12:30 Lunch
13:20 Liam Wyatt Wikipedia: the endless palimpsest
14:10 Coffe break
14:40 Parallel sessions:

Workshop Workshop
Liam Wyatt
Bringing Wikipedia inside the cultural institution
Krista Liin
Language annotation workflows in your web browser

16:10 Coffe break
16:40 Graeme Earl Journeys between open education and research
17:30 Closing
18:15 Bus from Estonian National Museum to Dorpat Hotel

40 min
30 min
15 min

Nov, 3rd, workshops (Estonian Literary Museum)

09:00 Dolly Jørgensen
Blogs as Research Communication
Tiiu Tarkpea, Maksim Mišin
Resources of Open Data
12:15 Lunch
13:15 Paul Reilly
Potential futures for DH in Estonia: some scenarios
Asaf Bartov
Wikidata for Humanists: A Gentle Introduction to Wikimedia’s linked data project
16:30 Coffee break
17:00 Graeme Earl
Tailoring Open
Eetu Mäkelä
Using cultural heritage data in research