Conference is organised by the Centre for Digital Humanities and Information Society at University of Tartu in co-operation with Estonian Society for Digital Humanities, Centre of Excellence in Estonian Studies, CAA Estonia, and Archaeovision R&D.


Organising committee:

Liina Lindström, Associate Professor of Estonian Language, University of Tartu

Andres Kimber, Digital Humanities Project Manager, University of Tartu

Peeter Tinits, PhD Student in Linguistics, Tallinn University

Artjom Šela, Lecturer in Digital Humanities, University of Tartu

Jane Klavan, Lecturer, College of Foreign Languages and Cultures, University of Tartu

Mari Sarv, Senior Researcher, Estonian Literary Museum

Liisi Laineste, Senior Researcher, Estonian Literary Museum

Hembo Pagi, Archaeovision R&D