Kirsty Lingstadt (University of Edinburgh)

The Work of LIBER DH Working Group

Since its establishment in 2017, the LIBER DH Working Group has achieved a range of outputs, most notably a survey resulting in a report on Europe’s Digital Humanities Landscape. This covered: awareness of DH in European Libraries; cooperation with DH scholars and research projects; skill building and DH education; and organisation and policies of DH services.

The presentation will touch on the key findings of the survey and how the group worked together in order to achieve its goals. It will then focus on, “Where next?” Based on the survey results and the outcome of a workshop at the LIBER Conference, the Group has identified four key areas of focus to be developed over the next two years to help Libraries take forward Digital Humanities.

As well as looking at the work of LIBER, the paper will also touch on some of the similarities and differences with the RLUK Digital Scholarship working group, which has also recently completed a survey of work in the UK.