Tseng Shu-hsien, Lee Yi-rong, Cheng Ching-ju (National Central Library, Taiwan)

Innovative Usage of NCL Digital Collections-Library as a Collaborative Hub of DH in Taiwan

The digital humanities (DH) research is based on a large number of digital data, which has attracted the attention of library who holds a vast amount of digital collections. This paper overviews the development of DH in Taiwan, and discusses the roles and services of libraries in a digital age. National Central Library (NCL) is examined as a case study to reflect on its various innovations and practices in DH, especially focusing on integrated services of ‘Taiwan Memory’ (https://tm.ncl.edu.tw/index ), as well as its data collecting, usage, and promotion.

‘Taiwan Memory’ cooperates with universities, senior high schools, elementary schools not only digitized cultural heritage of schools, but also initiates activities to engage users to share school memory together. Digital cultural heritage and DH platforms can get more exposure through exhibitions. Exhibitions titled ‘Taiwan Memory: Campus Memories through Generations’ and ‘Digital Humanities: A Case Study of Classic Chinese Novel Dream of the Red Chamber’ are discussed as examples.

In conclusion, NCL acts as a collaborative Hub to cooperate with diverse institutions to promote digital cultural heritage. Challenges and strategies of utilizing digital collections are discussed and some elements on future directions are outlined.