Book of abstracts

Shifts in language and culture: computational approaches to variation and change

The 8th Estonian Digital Humanities Conference takes place on October 5-7 in Tallinn University. The theme – variation and change – are seen universal phenomena of both language and culture. Diversification and shifts can be studied with digital methods: the conference papers thematize the developments in languages, media, folk culture; also the scope of digital humanities as a field is discussed. The conference abstracts are available online only.

The online publication was compiled and edited by Kaisa Langer, Andres Karjus, Liisi Laineste, Mari Sarv, Kadri Vider.

The compiling and editing of the publication was enabled by the support of Estonian Research Agency (PRG1288) and European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (Centre of Excellence in Estonian Studies).

Estonian Society for Digital Humanities
Estonian Literary Museum
Tallinn University
Tartu-Tallinn 2022
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