Coppélie Cocq

Sustainable (data) relationships and responsibility in DH research. Questioning ownership and accessibility in the age of Open Science

In this talk, I will approach the pertinent and timely conference theme of Variation & Change from the perspectives of subjects who are absent, silenced or marginalized in the digital record. This will be examined based on two specific areas and illustrated by examples of Sámi (Indigenous) voices and materials. First, I will discuss the heterogeneity of conceptions, values and ethics when we talk about data – data ownership, accessibility and shareability. Second, I will illustrate how changes in archive and library practices influence the visibility of cultural data, and its implications.

Variation and change bring new ethical discussions, and my hope is to contribute to those by bringing qualitative research perspectives on quantitative data.

Coppélie Cocq is the Professor of Sámi Studies and Digital Humanities at the Umeå University, Sweden. Her research focuses on digital practices in Sámi, Indigenous and minority contexts. Ethical and methodological perspectives on digital research are other topical issues in her research.